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Biometrics Technology
Biometrics has fast emerged as a promising technology for authentication and has already found place in most hi-tech security areas. In this era biometric technology has advanced to the state where identification and authentication of people is available via a number of different routes. In this document we tried to give you an overview of the technologies available and  insight into the state of development of the technology.

Fingerprint Recognition
Finger ReaderFingerprint recognition is the oldest biometric technology in world. It widely used for criminal identification. Fingerprint technology is one of the most developed of all biometric technologies and its price is low.

Iris Recognition
IRIS ScannerIris recognition is one of the most accurate of all biometric technologies with very little overlap between acceptance and rejection curves. Due to high cost, comparing to fingerprint still limits its application to very high security requirements.

Facial Recognition
Face Recognition TechnologyFacial recognition is one of the newer biometric technologies, with systems only recently showing the accuracy necessary for commercial application.

Hand Geometry
Hand RecognitionThe hand image is obtained using a camera looking from the top when the user placed his or her hand at a specified surface. The hand can be aligned using pegs or reference marks. Two views are usually taken in a single image, the top view and the side view. The side view is usually taken by the top camera as well using a side mirror. From the hand image, the fingers are located and the length, width, thickness, curvatures and their relative geometry measured.

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